Job description
We are looking for an Enthusiastic and Creative 3D Artist who is well versed with
Assets Creation (Modeling Texturing Lighting Rendering) & Animation Composition
(Animate, Composition, Motion Graphics) using Maya & 3Ds Max software. The ideal
candidate should create models, paint 3D assets and materials for use in webbased,real-time applications.
Responsibilities and Duties:
Design and create three-dimensional models, character, objects based on a client’s
specifications and requirements
Build and maintain animation rigs of varying complexity (creature rigs, props, hero
and background assets, 3D Character animation, motion capture rigs, face rigs etc.)
Using 3D modelling, texture, mapping, and other techniques to create graphics,
visual effects, and animations.
Develop high quality and cutting edge 3D arts. Animate camera and objects for 3D
arts. Can animate creatures, props, vehicles, weapons, objects, machines, etc.
Create abstract 3d videos with Maya, 3ds Max / Cinema 4D and After Effects.
Candidate should be well versed with the following software (Maya, Blender, After
Effects, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, V-Ray, Illustrator)
Candidates should be good in Modeling and Texturing. He should be able to create
3D assets for his assigned project. Should be proficient in organic & inorganic
He/she should have good knowledge of Lighting and Rendering. He should be able
to give a beautiful look to the final output.
He/she should have a good handle on various style of art for 3D Motion graphics
video creation. ( Low Poly style, Isometric style, trangulated poly style, toonish style,
Abstract style)
He/she should have knowledge of various useful plug-ins/ scripts of Maya, Blender,
After Effects, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D.
Ability to articulate emotion through character facial and physical expression
Ability to create character gait, walk and body language